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#15 larger in life

#15 larger in life, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

Via Flickr:
I remember when I was a kid, I love playing with toy trucks and trains. I remember playing constructions, mining for minerals, hauling heavy loads (rocks) and even "accidents". What I can do with my toys was only limited by my imagination…

Now that I’m a father of one, all I can say to my son, Caleb, is: toys are small and fun, real life versions are huge and have the word "work" written all over it. 🙂

#13 precision landing

#13 precision landing, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

Via Flickr:
I was at my father-in-law’s garden, just enjoying the breeze, when I saw this butterfly busily gathering nectar. I took slow steps to get near, paused for a moment, took a few shots, and then, the butterfly landed in front of me and took a sip. What a treat! 🙂

Patience, indeed, has its rewards 🙂

#10 walk with me

#10 walk with me, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

Via Flickr:
I took this almost 2 years ago. It’s not recent but I like this shot. I can’t really describe why (well, aside from the fact that that’s my wife June walking 🙂 ) but there’s something about it..

Maybe because this shot conveys movement even with no blurs.. or maybe because my “subject” is walking away into the fog… or maybe I’m just over thinking it 🙂