Monthly Archives: December 2008

going back to virtualization…

I mentioned here before that I was trying to run some Linux tools on Windows, thus the attempt. Well, it did not turn out well.

Cygwin can only do so much, there are some CPAN modules in Perl that I need that won’t compile in it. Ahh, the dilemma: Cygwin or virtualization…

I decided to try virtualization (again). After considering VirtualBox, VMware Server and VMware player, I went with the last one, VMware player. VirtualBox has a process that keeps eating my CPU and VMware Server is just too big (installation + memory footprint), so those two are out.

I was confused at first why it’s called VMware player, after installing it and when I knew that it requires a virtual appliance, that is when I figured it out.

VMware player with an Ubuntu 8.10 appliance