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Sun Broadband Wireless: first impressions

I’ve been thinking of having my own internet connection in our apartment for months now. Using “internet-over-bluetooth” with my post paid phone kept me “connected” for the past few months and now my phone’s battery is screaming for it’s life, so I decided to subscribe to an ISP, for real.

There’s a plethora of internet plans available, but what I’m looking for must be something “mobile” and it has to be unlimited. The only plan so far that fits my requirements is Sun’s Broadband Wireless.

So I went to a Sun shop in Robinson’s Pioneer to get one. After coughing out P2,694, (modem fee + initial down payment for the first month… ouch!), I received my USB 3G modem (a Huawei e160) and a Sun SIM card. The connection was activated after 4 hours.

Initial speed is promising, download speed is 30kB/s average and it can go as high as 200kB/s in the early hours.

Here are some screenshots of the 200+kB/s 🙂

using the application


using uTorrent