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How-To: Install printer driver for Brother DCP-150c in Ubuntu 9.10

OK, I have a confession to make, I keep on using Windows just to print my documents… I know, I know…

Against my will, I woke up early today (5:30am). To make use of the time, I started downloading a series of TED talks videos (if you have the time, I suggest you watch TED videos, you’ll learn a lot, at the same time it can give you some tips in how to present your idea well). While I’m in the middle of my second download, I remembered that I have to print some documents. I don’t want to disrupt my downloads so I decided to install my printer, a Brother DCP-150c, in Ubuntu 9.10

A little googling led me to Ubuntu’s wiki about Brother printers, here.

Note: don’t connect your printer just yet.

According to the guide, the DCP-150c belongs to the bh7 group. That’s pretty straightforward and quite easy to install, hmmm… (I was quite skeptic about this, looks easy)

I ran this command to install the said package:

    sudo apt-get install brother-cups-wrapper-bh7

Once that’s done, I plugged-in the printer. Ubuntu detected the new printer then the Printer configuration application popped up, then it gave me a list of drivers.

Brother is already selected so I just clicked on Forward.

Then, it gave me a list of specific printers. There’s no Brother DCP-150c in the list, the closest one is DCP-130c. I clicked on that because it says [recommended], then I clicked on Forward.

The next window asked me for some additional information, it’s filled up already, so I just clicked on OK. Once that’s done, it asked me if I want to print a test page, I clicked on Yes.

I crossed my finges… then I heard that familiar noise, the printer is cleaning it’s head, then it started printing, haha!

It worked!