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p365 – 116/365 the need for speed (trike version)

Via Flickr:
Apr 16: on our way Home.

It’s our weekly trip to the grocery. Took the "back ride" because June was her usual self. She said it will be a "small" trip but we ended up with 6 bags of grocery items… :p

p365 – 115/365 chargers (what a mess!)

Via Flickr:
Apr 15: at Home.

One basic problem that I think electronic companies failed to address is chargers. Why can’t they just design one standard charger across all electronic devices?

I’ve read that European Union is adapting microUSB as the standard charger but that is just for phones (a good step forward nonetheless). I hope this will be implemented worldwide as well.

In pic: 2 Canon chargers (different battery types), 1 Sony Ericsson, 2 Samsung chargers (different ports), 1 Belkin (USB + Ipod charger), 2 Nokia phone chargers