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3 (little?) pigs

These guys are just wandering around Zoobic when we went there last year 🙂



#22 skinned and ready for cooking

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In case you’re wondering if what these are… so am I the first time I took a look at it. Any guesses?… Hint: crunchy when cooked 🙂

It’s lean, composed of skin, muscles and bones (and heads). Not much fat if you look at it closely because its primary diet is grains.

OK, before your imagination wanders off, I’ll tell you what these are. These are skinned Philippine Orioles, much locally know as “Maya”. These birds are endemic here in the Philippines, especially in the Visayas region. Farmers consider Maya birds as pests because it can damage rice crops.

And yes, I ate 3. It’s not bad really, if you don’t mind the crunching sound of bones 🙂

#18 refueling, reassessing…

#18 refueling, reassessing…, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

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June & I had been exclusively flying Cebu Pacific for the past 3 years. It’s not about brand loyalty (believe me, CebuPac offer no rewards for that) but more of convenience. Last year alone, we booked about at least 12 tickets (some tickets are one way, most of it are round trips).

When CebuPac was starting out, the service was good, most of the flights are on time, the fare is “fair” & each passenger was allotted with 15kg of baggage, for free… Their service has been going downhill for the past few months though. Flight are mostly delayed and no more free baggage. They even marketed it as “lite” fares to give customers the impression that it’s cheaper…

So for our recent flight back to Manila, we decided to try Zest Air. The fare was cheaper and we don’t have to pay for the baggage. Overall experience was pretty much the same (aside from a small inconvenience that Zest is using the old terminal). I’m convinced to try Zest on our next flight, I can’t say the same for June though 🙂