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How-To: Print a booklet using OpenOffice.org Writer + Brother DCP-150C

My fiancee figured this out weeks ago, but then, she forgot to make a note on how to do this, so she eventually forgot. She’s been trying to remember how she did it the whole morning and we finally got it working when I give her a hand. I don’t want to forget the steps, thus the blog.

Here’s how we did it:

1.  Just create a simple document, a one page per page document, no two columns, just a regular document.

2.  When you’re done writing and you wanted to print, just hit Ctrl-P or click File->Print, you should have this window,

3.  Click on Properties

4.  Set the orientation to Landscape,

5.  Click OK, then click on Options in the Print window,

6.  In the Printer Options windows, make sure that Left pages and Brochure are checked, make sure that Right pages and Reversed are unchecked, then click OK

7.  In the Print window, click OK to start printing. During printing, just let the printed pages stack. Once printing is done, get the printed pages and put it back in the paper tray, don’t rotate it, don’t reorder it, just put it back 🙂

8.  Hit Ctrl-P again, in the Print window, click on Options (see step 5). This time make sure that Right Pages, Reversed and Brochure are checked, Left pages must be unchecked.

9.  Click OK, then click OK again in the Print window to start printing.

10. Once done, you should have a booklet if you fold the pages 🙂