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#1 sunrise in Canlamay [111229]

Via Flickr:

I love sunrises and sunsets. It reminds me that everything’s going to end somehow but there’s always a chance to start anew.

Anyway, this is a “blended” image using GIMP+exposure-blend out of 3 bracketed shots. I’m not really that interested in post processing of images (it takes time and effort) but I’m willing to make an exception this time. My s95 simply can’t handle the dynamic range of a sunrise.

Update: While I’m on the topic of starting fresh, I’m resetting my post “counter”. Let’s just pretend that this is post #1 🙂

p365 – 60/365 sunrise at Guadalupe bridge

Feb 17: it’s a Monday and it’s a “garbage dump” day here at our barangay. I woke up early to do just that & I took this quick shot of Guadalupe bridge with sleepy eyes. I’m planning to revisit this shot in future “garbage dumps” 🙂