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low battery…

low battery…, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

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February 2011

I’m waiting for my flight when I took this shot. One of those times that comfort is not a priority. She needs to send a very important message perhaps?

Tagaytay Midlands in miniature

Tagaytay Midlands in miniature, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

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July 2011

This is a view from Belle View in Tagaytay Highlands. It might be a lot better if the day is not that cloudy. Anyway, I was not there to relax 🙂

Oops! I pretty much failed on my first attempt to do a 365. No excuses here.. 🙂

p365 – 115/365 chargers (what a mess!)

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Apr 15: at Home.

One basic problem that I think electronic companies failed to address is chargers. Why can’t they just design one standard charger across all electronic devices?

I’ve read that European Union is adapting microUSB as the standard charger but that is just for phones (a good step forward nonetheless). I hope this will be implemented worldwide as well.

In pic: 2 Canon chargers (different battery types), 1 Sony Ericsson, 2 Samsung chargers (different ports), 1 Belkin (USB + Ipod charger), 2 Nokia phone chargers