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#5 heart of strength

heart of strength, originally uploaded by pro_cabales.

Via Flickr:
I am always curious how hunters prepare the animals they hunted before cooking. It’s not just a simple manner of skinning & slicing, there’s technique involved, and a good skill with the knife.

But since hunting is a not a common practice (and I don’t know any hunter), the closest one that I had the chance to observe are butchers. Well, I’m not referring to butchers in the city or supermarkets. I am referring to butchers or “manug-ihaw” in the province.

Anyway, I’m digressing… Yes, I’m curious but that doesn’t explain the photo.

To start, it’s a heart. To be more precise, it’s a heart of a Carabao. This Carabao died because of an accident. It fell down on the ground, on his back side. It is said that if a carabao falls down on his back and he can’t manage to move sideways, he won’t be able to breath and eventually die.

Carabaos are normally not slaughtered for meat, they’re used to do the heavy lifting in farm work, plowing of the fields and transporting harvests and other goods. A carabao’s death is a big loss to a farmer.