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going back to virtualization…

I mentioned here before that I was trying to run some Linux tools on Windows, thus the attempt. Well, it did not turn out well.

Cygwin can only do so much, there are some CPAN modules in Perl that I need that won’t compile in it. Ahh, the dilemma: Cygwin or virtualization…

I decided to try virtualization (again). After considering VirtualBox, VMware Server and VMware player, I went with the last one, VMware player. VirtualBox has a process that keeps eating my CPU and VMware Server is just too big (installation + memory footprint), so those two are out.

I was confused at first why it’s called VMware player, after installing it and when I knew that it requires a virtual appliance, that is when I figured it out.

VMware player with an Ubuntu 8.10 appliance

a linux developer using window vista as an OS…

In my previous post, I listed the tools that I use. As I’m doing my little quest, I found out that most of it can be installed using Cygwin, and for that, I’m very grateful. Kudos to Cygwin maintainers and developers. They saved my sanity on this one.

Cygwin supported…

Perl, Python, C/C++, SSH server and client, Apache HTTP server and Vim can all be installed using Cygwin. The complete list of supported packages can be viewed here.

some notes…

There’s a problem in installing CPAN modules when using Perl 5.10 in Cygwin, the solution is to downgrade to 5.8 . If using 5.10 is a must, another alternative is ActiveState’s ActivePerl. It has it’s own tool in managing CPAN modules called Perl Package Manager.

a better terminal…

Windows’ default terminal, cmd, just plainly sucks.

Default terminals of window managers like GNOME and KDE in Linux are far more advanced compared to Windows cmd. Multi-tabs, session profiles, not to mention Bash as a default shell. Those are features that I really find useful…

Since 60% of my time is interfacing a terminal when I’m doing work stuff, I nead an alternative. It has support for tabs at the very least…

As it turned out, looking for an alternative is not that hard. Just a simple google search, a few mouse clicks and a quick read, lead me to this site.

The program is called Console. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

After downloading, just unpack and run the executable, Console.exe. There’s no need for installation.

some notes…

You can use Console side-by-side with Cygwin. Integrating it is simple, just look at this screen shot once you ran Console.

just point it to Cygwin’s executable…

wrapping it up…

I managed to set-up most of the tools that I need. It’s not that hard to find the missing pieces if you have a pool of information just waiting to be searched. It doesn’t end here though. Yet to be seen if my tools will work at all…

i prefer linux… but have to revert to vista because of a driver… DARN!!!

I mentioned here before that I made a dual-boot out of my rig. What I didn’t mention is here I dumped Vista after a month and I replaced it with Windows XP… and I upgraded Gutsy to Hardy.. and that’s it.

It was perfect!

Hehe… I’ll list what I use in a day-to-day basis so you’ll have an idea why it make sense to use Linux.

All I need are the following:

  • Perl
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • MySQL DB server and client
  • Apache HTTP server
  • subversion
  • an ssh server and client
  • a good terminal/console application
  • a good editor, I use Vim/GVim

As you can see, these tools can be easily found in any Linux distro. It’s in it’s respective repositories…

So why, Why did I leave Linux and changed it to a crappy Vista?… *sigh*

It’s this… I have an Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG WiFi and we have a WPA enabled wireless network.

In short, I can’t connect to a WPA network if I’m using Linux. The network manager will try to connect and after a long wait… nothing! A whole lot of nothing!!! It really sucks!!!

I can’t ask our network admin to change the authentication to WEP and I can’t use a wired connection all the time ( no unused port available near my station… ). Crap!

And so… after much thought… I decided to revert back to Vista… just because of a driver! *sigh*

You can find information about this bug on this site.

Now that I’m in Vista, I have to figure out ways on how to install the tools that I mentioned above… Cygwin comes to mind… *sigh*