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Payday is a day to be merry, but be very wary (i almost lost my phone today)


I always take the bus. Just like any other day, I took the bus also today.

It’s a Friday so we’re going home later than usual (I was with my fiancee)…

So there we were, in the bus, waiting for our stop. The bus is a little crowded. That’s kind of weird in any other day, but hey, it’s Friday so it’s expected here.

The bus made a stop in Pioneer, 2 guys got on the bus. They sat in aisle sides of the seats one row apart, so I assumed that they don’t know each other. I’m already half-asleep so I didn’t give it much thought…

The conductor yelled Boni so my fiancee and I prepared ourselves to disembark. I got up first, then my fiancee walked behind me. Then suddenly GUY 1 (nearer to driver, in front of me) got up and barricaded himself in the way, facing the back side of the bus, calling some girl’s name. Then GUY 2 (seated behind me) got up and cut off my fiancee, leaving me in between GUY 1 and 2.

At this point, I did’nt suspect something was amiss. I was just annoyed that GUY 1 won’t let me pass, and then this other guy, behind me, is rushing to transfer seats… or so I thought.

I told the guy in front of me to let me pass but he just pretended that he didn’t hear me and kept calling a girl’s name. Then I felt something is weird, it’s the feeling that something is brushing/pressing the right side pocket of my pants.

I simply leaned back to push whoever/whatever that is and waited again for GUY 1 to let me pass, then, that same feeling again… This time I took a glance at my right side pocket, that’s when I saw GUY 2’s hands trying to pick my pocket. Guy 2 realized that I saw him and he quickly maneuvered back to a seat.

I was quite infuriated when I realized what they were trying to do. I looked back at GUY 2 and muster, “‘Tang ina ka!“. GUY 1 was already seated when I faced front.

I know I can’t do anything at that point so I continued walking and managed to say to the conductor, “May mandurukot sa bus mo” before I got off the bus. I waited for my fiancee outside.

It happened so fast. I can’t even remember their faces…

I’ve been living in this Metro for almost 5 years now, and this is the first time that I experienced this, first hand. I’m just thankful to God that nothing bad happened and nothing was stolen. In a way, this served like a reminder to me and my fiancee, to be vigilant always.

This makes me wonder though, this incident happened around 10:30pm, just how many others fell victims to these guys today, a payday…

live to eat

One of those days that I am looking for something to do…. found this little guy, eating away the leaves of our mums.

The mums died after a few weeks, but absolutely NOT this guy’s fault.