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[Waze] Canili and Diayo Dam

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 5.47.18 AM

A few weeks back, when I was planning and checking our route to Baler in Waze, I saw these high density of URs (update requests) in one area which sparked my interest. After driving to Baler, I know what it is now – It’s the Canili and Diayo Dam. Fortunately, SMART has data on this location, so I fired up URs to mark the start and end points of the dam so I can add it.

Please note that this stretch is one-way, depending on which side has incoming traffic first.

Sabang Beach coastline

We stayed in one of the places in Baler along Sabang beach. So yes, route suggestions via Waze to Baler is working flawlessly now 🙂


take a leak… and you’ll regret it!

For me, taking a piss in public places is a misconduct. Apparently, someone has a stronger opinion…

This is the sign that we saw when we made a stop-over in Kabankalan’s Bus Terminal last January 2, 2008.

It says, “Ang mangihi diri, dimalason“. It’s in hiligaynon so allow me to translate, “Ang umihi dito, mamalasin!” (in tagalog) or “Piss here and you’ll be cursed (with misfortune)!”.

If you can’t hold it, take a leak. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you…