Request Tracker, migrating from RT 3.8.0 to RT 4.0.2

We’ve been using Request Tracker for tracking requests, incidents and resolutions for years now. A few days ago, we decided to migrate our RT server to a virtual machine so we can retire the old machine. We decided to upgrade to RT 4.0.2 as well.

The upgrade process became complicated because we decided to keep our old data. We managed to upgrade successfully but not without roadblocks.

These are the 2 major issues that we encountered:

1. RT 4.0.2 won’t start because of an issue with the Attachments table, wrong type:

fix: alter table `Attachments` change column `Content` `Content` longblob;

2. Once RT 4.0.2 is running, Perl code in Templates are not parsed properly. Our server ended up sending mails like this:

This message has been automatically generated in response to your request regarding

There is no need to reply to this message right now. Your ticket has been assigned an ID of
[ #{$Ticket->id()}].

Please include [ #{$Ticket->id()}] in the Subject line of all future correspondence about this issue.

Thank you,

The resolution email was much worse 🙂

Request Tracker was nice enough to give us some hint on how to fix it though. These errors keep on appearing on our apache logs:

[Tue Oct 18 14:48:46 2011] [warning]: Use of uninitialized value in string eq at /home/rt/sbin/../lib/RT/ line 410. (/home/rt/sbin/../lib/RT/

After reviewing the module, we came up with a fix.

fix: update Templates set Type = 'Perl';


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