2 years and 7 months… my laptop’s finally saying goodbye…

I turned on my laptop yesterday and I noticed something different, the display’s not that smooth and the icons are grainy… I thought that maybe it’s nothing, just a software glitch or something. Realization (that the proble is quite serious) came later when I tried to watch a video. The display’s full of lines and the colors are off! Uh-oh…

Did a reboot and crossed my fingers… nope, same thing..

Did a reboot and went to BIOS, and this is what I got…

Definitely not a software problem…😦

Hopefully, it’s the LCD (LCD can still be replaced)…

I hooked it up to an external display, a Samsung TV (it has an S-Video port)… and this what I’ve got…

Same thing… *sigh*…

Definitely not a software problem… definitely not an LCD problem… The only thing’s left is the video card.

Well, I can’t replace those, video card’s embedded to the motherboard… this can’t be fixed by a mere clean-up

It’s definitely a goodbye …😦

3 thoughts on “2 years and 7 months… my laptop’s finally saying goodbye…

  1. jepoy

    pro kung laptop gid na then may possible pa na nga replacement since some laptops have video cards na replacable but if its a netbook then soldered gid cya… :p

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