How-To: Normalize the volume of your MP3s in Ubuntu 9.10 + mp3gain

I stumbled on this tool, mp3gain, last week from this blog site. I tried it out back then and forgot about it…

I spent the whole day today listening to music. Back that time, I keep on fiddling with the remote to adjust/re-adjust the volume. It such a hassle that I decided to normalize my whole mp3 collection, thus reminded me of mp3gain.

I installed mp3gain using apt-get:

    sudo apt-get install mp3gain

Once the tool is installed, I ran this command to normalize my collection:

    find My\ Music/ -name *mp3 -exec echo ‘”{}”‘ \;  | xargs mp3gain -r -k

My mp3s have spaces in its filename, thus the -exec echo ‘”{}”‘ \; part. It took about 6 hours to process 4533 songs, giving my laptop’s CPU a nice workout.

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