i prefer linux… but have to revert to vista because of a driver… DARN!!!

I mentioned here before that I made a dual-boot out of my rig. What I didn’t mention is here I dumped Vista after a month and I replaced it with Windows XP… and I upgraded Gutsy to Hardy.. and that’s it.

It was perfect!

Hehe… I’ll list what I use in a day-to-day basis so you’ll have an idea why it make sense to use Linux.

All I need are the following:

  • Perl
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • MySQL DB server and client
  • Apache HTTP server
  • subversion
  • an ssh server and client
  • a good terminal/console application
  • a good editor, I use Vim/GVim

As you can see, these tools can be easily found in any Linux distro. It’s in it’s respective repositories…

So why, Why did I leave Linux and changed it to a crappy Vista?… *sigh*

It’s this… I have an Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG WiFi and we have a WPA enabled wireless network.

In short, I can’t connect to a WPA network if I’m using Linux. The network manager will try to connect and after a long wait… nothing! A whole lot of nothing!!! It really sucks!!!

I can’t ask our network admin to change the authentication to WEP and I can’t use a wired connection all the time ( no unused port available near my station… ). Crap!

And so… after much thought… I decided to revert back to Vista… just because of a driver! *sigh*

You can find information about this bug on this site.

Now that I’m in Vista, I have to figure out ways on how to install the tools that I mentioned above… Cygwin comes to mind… *sigh*


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